Alan O’Grady

Alan O’Grady Aegis Property Solutions, Alan Scott O’Grady, Allan O’Grady, Ace Auto Center, Bill Wylie, FuelMaxx, Bay Harbor Financial, Planet Green Group, Kleangass Energy Technologies,Hydrorunner, Financial Scam Roseville California!!. Typical of the attitude and behavior of 2 narcissistic people, William u201cBillu201d Wylie of Palm Harbor Florida and Alan Ou2019Grady of Roseville California and Winter Springs Florida defrauded me and 20 others out of $200 Thousand for their own self deserving interests. After impatiently waiting nearly 2 years beyond the 90 days my investors and I were led to believe we would receive a return on our investment, I have decided to make this report so as to help others avoid the despicable behavior of William u201cBillu201d Wylie and Alan O’Gradyu2019s narcissism and most certain loss of money, time and energy these two are known for sucking out of people for their own selfish interests. Iu2019ve known Wylie and his family si