All Around Transmission

All Around Transmission, Ross Last-Name-Unknown Ordered parts and paid for them with an NSF check and refused to make the check good. Mesa Arizona!!. Ross called us and ordered some parts. We shipped them to him COD as is customary in this business. Ross gave the UPS driver the check which in due course UPS forwarded to us. We deposited the check, then a few days later it bounced. We contacted Ross numerous times, almost daily, for weeks to get this resolved. All we got was a runaround with Ross. Lots of promises, no results. Lots of ignoring us when we asked for Ross. Basically a total ripoff. Eventually, we just told them that sooner or later what goes around comes around and they would eventually go out of business. We feel that if he treats his suppliers like crap, he will also treat his customers the same way. As one of the sayings that we have on our website says, “A customer who does not pay is NOT a customer – He is a thief!” All Around Transmissions is the