AMERICAN TRUCK GROUP NATIONAL TRUCK FUNDING, I am filing a consumer class action lawsuit against american truck group. This the phone number for the MS attorny general 800-281-4418 call them file a complaint to let them know what they did to you Gulfport, Mississippi!!. We are here because we got taken advantage of by AMERICAN TRUCK GROUP, NATIONAL TRUCK FUNDING AND THE OWNER LOUIS NORMAND. I am filing a lawsuit against them . I talked to a class action lawsuit lawyers he advise me to find the people that are in the same situation. I already file a complaint with the MS attorney general this is the phone number for the consumer protection division 800-281-4418. This is the phone number for the federal trade commision 877-382-4357 and this the website for the lemon law call them email them file a complaint you might get at least you down payment. I am heading to the Gulfport courthouse next month to file a claims against. You work hard for your money, th