Ameristar Financial Services – Ameristar Financial Company

Ameristar Financial Services Are Rip-Off Artist They Put The Car On My Credit Report! Libertyville Illinois!!. Ameristar put my 1994 chevy corrsica on my credit report. They did that because I questioned the amount I owed. I bought my car in Illions at a dealership called JD Byrider. After I moved to Califorina I was still making payments the company refused to send me any more printed recipets. So after three months of payments my mother suggested that I should call the corporate office. So I did, and was told that the person who I needed to talk to was’nt in and they would have him call me. But to no avail. I never had anyone return my calls. I only had three months till the car would be payed off. I stopped payments. As soon as I did that then my phone strated ringing off the hook! The person whom I was dealing with at JD Byrider who’s name was Ruben Ortiz told me that they would send me updated payment receipts. I never got them. And this Ameristar company I had ne