Amora I saw a offer on line for 1.00 Selling this Amora coffee,iI thought at first it was to good to be true coffee for a dollar ! Then I used my debit card to make the order .That Was A Big Mistake!!!.Internet Internet!!. The following month Amora ran my debit catd and no funds were loaded at the time,Amora then again ran my card ,took 67.00 !.I checked my debit card to see who took 67.00 off my card and when i heard Amora coffee i called right away . I straight out told the B**** look who the f*** pays 67.00 a month for coffe to drink at home alone ,I dont drink coffee like that ! Im the only one in the house who drinks the s*** you must be out of your f****** mind if you think i would pay almost 70 dollards a month for f****** coffee and the coffee isnt that d**n go for me to be paying that.price a month. i told her i dont want that f****** s*** i want my f****** money i didnt authorize you to take my money any way and i want my s*** back!!!she told me in 2 days i will get my mon