Auto Action

Auto Action If you’re looking for a car, don’t go to Auto Action Phoenix, Arizona!!. On February 11, 2011, I called Auto Action and asked if they were able to give us a Chevrolet Cavalier with $500 down payment. I was told over the phone that they had several Cavaliers and there would be no problem with getting only a $500 down payment. However, when we get there, its a different story. When we show up, they have no Cavaliers even though I was told there were several over the phone. Then, when I find a car I like Im told $1,200 down payment after being told $500 over the phone. The first salesperson we had didnt speak English and the second one allowed us to do it for $1,000 which came down to $500 now and $500 in two weeks. However, I wasnt permitted to test drive the vehicle because I was told your company doesnt allow test driving. By the time I was informed of this, theyd already kept us there for five hours waiting on them to do who knows what. Then, it was another