AutoWorks Deceptive practices, bad service San Antonio, Texas!!. I brought my car to Autoworks for repair after reading good reviews online. The reviews were probably bogus. The day after dropping my car off, they informed me I would need to spend roughly $650.00 before taxes to fix it. This included roughly $500 for a part that I knew the car did not need. I told them to just return the car. They charged me roughly $200 for the diagnostic fees and gave me the keys. The car was not running properly at all. Turns out it had a bad alternator now, mysteriously, and they didnt bother to tell me before I left. I then had a neutral third party verify that the part they wanted to replace was indeed NOT defective. And the part they should have replaced, the alernator, they didnt even tell me about! If I had followed their advice I would have been taken for a grand total of almost $1200! Instead I replaced the alternator myself for about $170 and the car has run perfect s