I run a side-sublimation business, and I was looking for between 30-50 wholesale Yeti cups. I tried the local dealers, but no one could cut me a deal even if I was ordering 50, so I tried online figuring “well, SOMEONE online should be selling wholesale. I mean I need 30-50 to fill an order, what kind of company DOESN’T cut a deal at THAT many?” | I ended up first going to dhgate, and they ended up sending counterfeits that got caught up in customs, and deemed ‘counterfeits’ but they have a good buyer/seller reparation service, and I was able to get the money back, no problem. “Caught in customs” was an *actual* complaint that you could file on that site, so apparently, this is not *unheard* of to say the least, and as long as you file the paperwork that customs sends, they’re good about returning your money, so at the end, the cups are lost in customs, I got my money back, I just lost time, and we move on. | The second place I ended