Barnett’s Garage

Barnett’s Garage Refusal to honor warranty, illegal towing Spartanburg South Carolina!!. Once upon a time I drove a crappy 87 Chrysler LeBaron. I really hated this car, but like so many people it was all I had. In December 2003 the engine blew from an oil leak, so I took her car to Barnett’s Garage where I’d had pleasurable enough dealings with them before. I purchased a rebuilt engine with a 3 year warranty for $2700. They told me it would take a week to install the engine. I didn’t see my car again for a month. Everytime I called to check on it I was told, “We’re working on it. We’re really busy.” Upon getting the car back I found out quickly I still had an oil leak. Jim Barnett said to bring the car back in and he’d have it fixed, but I couldn’t be without my car for another month. I sucked it up and kept topping the oil off. On March 31 2004 I pulled out of a parking lot and my car would barely move. The odometer sai