Bird Rock Realty

Bird Rock Realty Joe Pace Landlord Nightmare La Jolla California!!. I Rented from Joe Pace and Bird Rock Realty this past year at 4870 Cape May Ave San Diego, CA 92107. When we were signing the lease Joe Pace neglected to tell us that the neighbors were selling crack out of their back house that he was also managing (Which he knew about). He had drug addicts in and out at all hours of the night. The whole neighborhood knew about this and were very disturbed that our landlord didn’t have the decency to let us know before hand. The police were there literally daily trying to evict the neighbor. Upon signing the lease he told us that we needed to sign this “Special Form” telling us that the neighbors “Smoked Weed”. Looking back its incredible someone could do this and still sleep at night. At the end of the lease he took almost the entire deposit. He charged us for a rotting fence that had been rotting well before we moved in! We had bumped into two of the