Brett Hoge

Brett Hoge doesn’t know how to talk to clients. He is a Narcissist!

I hired Brett to look after the finances of my company last year. And I couldn’t tolerate his narcissistic behaviour for even 2 months. 

The guy doesn’t know how to behave and how to talk to clients. During our meetings he would remain busy talking on the phone or forget what the meeting was even about. I don’t know what’s the issue with the guy but all I know is he needs to learn some basic manners. I had arranged three meetings with that guy, on two of them he was late and on the third one he sent someone else in his place. I have been a service provider for years and I know how valuable client service is, I also know how a service provider should treat his or her customers but I believe Brett has never learned those concepts.

Why is Brett Hoge a Narcissist?

Brett is a financial advisor. He is the senior MD at BB&am