Camping World RV Sales

Camping World RV Sales Camping World of Tampa Worst RV Dealership EVER! NEVER BUY FROM CAMPING WORLD Dover Florida!!. Never make the mistake I did. I bought from Camping World of Tampa (located in Dover) Florida. They only care about the sale. After that – their policy is to say “don’t call us, don’t bother us, call the manufacturer, we don’t care about you, it’s yours now, deal with it”. No service, no help and no professional ethics what-so-ever. I bought a new RV. My second new RV. I will never buy from this place again. From upper management to the sales rep, to even the receptionist… all trained to blow you off when you call in for service. They only want to service what they need to in order to complete a sale. The rest of what they tell you is all sales B.S. Don’t buy it, don’t believe it… run – don’t walk from this location.

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