Cityliner Reviews & Complaints

Driver ID : 9062 (NDC2315) I pay him RM4, waiting for him to give me back the changes and ticket. After I get the ticket and get to a seat, I double confirm to check the ticket, he dint give me back the small changes as the ticket shown me the route fare is only rm3. 10. I think he has no small changes, so I give him 10sen and ask him give me back the RM1. He don”t want give me back and shout in the bus saying that I just give him RM3. If I really give him rm3, he will ask me pay more 10sen and won”t acting like finding the small changes for me just now. What kind of attitude is this? I willing to donate him RM 1 but with his attitude I so dissapointed with that. Not only that, every times I take this cityliner bus, the bus driver driving skill is so dangerous. Sometimes smoking when driving, sometimes playing with his phone while driving. I hope the management pay attention and take action on these non-responsible drivers.

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