Crappy Tire | 8 Gun Cabinet advertise false

They advertise the 8 gun cabinet for $99, when you go there they said it wrong part number and they tell you that they don’t have in stock and tell you other store have them – that just a lies and they want get rid of youI went to three difference store and none of them honor the price that advertise on the papperThey said the corporate print mistake and tell you call them to complaintSo I said don’t waste your timeWhen I called the women name Lisa Gibson in Toronto online said they don’t care what the paper advertise, so I told her I will return all the stuffs that I bought from them and never buy anything from them again, she said nothing except sorryIf all of you have a bad experience like me you would understandI think this is a fraud advertisementSome of the store so discriminate people just like they treated you as an indian or black guy ask so many question when you returnsWhy, why, whyIf they see you as a white guy they tend to be very friendly and do