DFW Cars Review

I bought a truck on Ebay from DFW CARS. They stated it was in good shape and it was not. They stated specificthings, no drips, origional paint, drove fine with no problems, engine ran smoth, cab was beautiful, no scratches or dents and many other things. The truck has over a hundred dents and scratches and has been repainted in several places. Tape was still sticking to the cab that they did not remove and paint had not cured yet, Water ran out of the motor as soon as it was started, rear-end grease dripped onto the ground from differential seal. Steering pulled to the right and weels vibrate over 50 mph. The cab had np head linner and dash board was cracked and had missing pieces. The cab was stinking from rotting water under floor mat. I found pounds of mud inside door channels and mating was slopping wet with sour water. I am not saying this wa a flood truck but I am worried about it. DFW CARS said I could have these issues fixed and they would pay me back. When I sent