Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. Review

I am writing this report to complain about the unfair treatment and practices of the on site property manager at Greenwood Village. Located at xx Chapman Blvd, Manorville NY 11949. | I am speaking about Kathryn Kaya. Without previuos warning or conversation Ms Kaya is claiming that my girlfriend is living with me at my house. She is claiming that she knows that my girlfriend has been living here for “quite some time” | My girlfriend does not live here 24/7. She has her own place and is also frequently on the road. Ms. Kara claims that I must evict my girlfriend within the next 30 days or Greenwood Village will terminate my “Residency Agreement”! They also are telling me that I owe them $3,400.00 in “fines” for the time she has been living here! | This is outrageous! Am I not allowed guests to stay with me! If she is of age? This makes no sense and there are many more issues at hand here. I am in the process of hiring a lawyer! I will not be intimi