First Premier Funding LLC.

This place is easily the WORST scam going out there!! I have never dealt with a bigger bunch of con artists and liars in my entire life! I went to them to try to get financing for my business which has turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I have EVER MADE!! In the beginning they are very very smooth talking and seem very nice and they have a way of making you feel very comfotable with them – but dont be fooled because this is all just part of the con! I started dealing with them because I fell for their lines and their slick talk. | It took about 3 weeks of being given the run around but finally they told me they had a program for me to get me the capital I needed to grow my business like I wanted. They laid out a daily repayment loan program for me which I found reasonable and I told them I would take it. I was emailed a closing package to sign within a day or so and everything seemed ok. The payments and loan amount they promised were there in black and white,