Full Nutrition Solutions

ordered online your free product ONLY and paid ONLY for shipping on April 20 | then your company sent product on May 27… for something I never ordered…So I called and cancelled and asked for a copy or screen shot showing I ordered this, which your rep said he couldn’t do!!! So, I called my credit card to dispute this..Then I saw you billed me on May 5 (79.95) & May 11 (69.95) for products not only NEVER ordered but NEVER received!!! Really? I called again and cancelled again!!!! | STOP!!! | Then I thought it odd how you use several company names and various phone numbers…really? a legitimate company? doubtful…so I, | Googled your phone number 888-597-0914 and found this quite interesting…and this is only page 1…. | and what about your other numbers???? I will be contacting Nevada’s States Attorney, BBB, and whatever other consumer advocate groups to warn them of this!!

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