Holy Redeemer HomeCare Review

I took a two week course for learning to become a home health aide with “Holy Redeemer Home Health & Hospice”. I spent $140.00 for books, and gave two weeks of my time that was unpaid. The class was all day, and then you received a lot of homework to do in the evening. There were tests every day, and the academic portion of the course was pretty intense. I received 100% on the final exam all the same. The other part of the course involved hands on learning practicing helping the client to use the toilet, use a walker, adjust a catheter, and bathing procedures. This part of the “training” was pretty minimal. The final exam was giving the patient a bed bath, changing the bed while the patient was still in it,(using a dummy) and positioning the patient. This was a very tricky procedure, and also involved many steps. You really had to be the kind of person who was good at catching on to learning things quickly and easily, because the help and training was m