Joseph Michael Hampson Review

Joseph Michael Hampson DOB **/1977 doing business as Hampson Real Estate Group, Hurricane Investments and other variations involving his name with various combinations of inc, llc, llp, etc. Hampson is based in Pennsylvania and targets PA and surrrounding states, is likely operating in the Pinellas County (Tampa) Florida area and surrounding, as well. Advertises on Craigslist and other sources offering real estate financing or rent to own properties, investment groups or clubs, or false offers of employment in related industries. Hampson uses false addresses and insists on wire transfer of funds to confuse jurisdictional issues, making criminal complaint and prosecution difficult, however, Hampson is on probation in Allegheny County PA. A condition of his probation is to refrain from fraudulent business activities, so filing complaint with that agency can produce results. (DA’s office number is 412-388-5300, explain your situation and they will direct you as appropriate.)