Paul Ksicinski

I employed Paul Ksicinski in July 2018 to represent me in a criminal instance as well as in December 2018 I briefly hired him to represent me in a civil issue. I had paid him an overall of $5,500 over the course of 5 months, but he wound up not doing anything to earn it along with being harmful to both cases. He held onto vital exploration proof for 4 months also, after I asked him regarding seeing this discovery proof several times. It took 4 months prior to he ultimately revealed me the records. The discovery proof he was keeping proved just how I was being established with misleading proof, false declarations and also exaggerated grievances. He showed that he did not even look at this evidence. When it emerged to me that I was on my means to losing both the criminal and civil situations as a result of his negligence I had chosen to do the work myself and he took out as my attorney.

Paul was just vocally maintained as my lawyer in the civil issue for a number of days before I changed my mind as well as deciding to uncertain him. I had paid him a $2,000 retainer for the civil instance however he would certainly not pay any of it back. I had seen when running a search on him on the Wisconsin CCAP website situated at, that he had a pending expulsion situation versus him. I figured he was having a lot of monetary problems as well as being not with the ability of refunding anything. His financial troubles described why he would not reply to me in my attempts to inquire about reimbursing me the $2,000 I had actually simply paid him. He was intended to hold onto my funds in trust and also only access them when earned.

Paul wrote a 5 web page take out letter continuing regarding every one of the research study he did claim it took 15 hrs as well as declaring we had actually written charge agreement where I was to pay him $250 an hour for. I found out later on that the research he wrote up in his take out letter was 3 web pages of legal information plagurized word-for-word from a solitary source.

I understood Paul was dedicating scams at this moment. At the time, I did not intend to handle trying to obtain a fair reimbursement from him since I had 2 other litigation to concentrate on. He told me in his withdrawl letter that he was just ready to refund me $500. I informed him I wanted a minimum of $2,000 back. When he wouldn’t agree to also that much I requested simply $1,000. He told me he would certainly accept pay me $750. I claimed “alright” to that. It was a regretfully low settlement offer since something was better than absolutely nothing. This was how that discussion went:

2018-01-04 08:38:02 Marshall: Hey I will not settle for $500. I have a hill of evidence I can use versus you but I prefer to not throw away each others time. I provided you $2000.
Initially last summertime. Then you requested $2500 for the entire activity process. I gave you $ 1500 of that upfront and also said I ‘d offer you the other.

2018-01-04 08:39:22 Marshall: And then $2000 for the small insurance claims which I asked.
For back soon after. Would certainly you agree to refund me $1500 throughout 6 months?

2018-01-05 10:15:25 Marshall: Ah well, anyhow you still have every one of the initial.
Duplicates of the evidence and that publication I lent you.

2018-01-07 14:16:04 Marshall: Hey, can you choose $1000 within some.
reasonable period?

2018-01-07 14:19:09 Paul: Hi Marshall. I value your comments in your 2 prior.
Texts. I remain in a trial in Waukesha and on a break in court. I would certainly be willing to go to $750.00, .
Ok? I obviously recognize I have your publication as well as need to send it back to you.

2018-01-07 14:22:39 Marshall: Alright.

I wound up winning the criminal as well as civil instances by myself without an attorney. The majority of the debates made use of to win the situation originated from arguments I showed Paul in the 42 e-mails I sent out to him throughout 5 months, e-mails that he had not responded to and likely never ever even took a look at. He quit responding to texts from me as soon as I told him I won the criminal instance. I had actually repetitively asked Paul on the status of the reimbursement he consented to send me, which he did not respond. On 6 celebrations I texted him inquiring about some digital proof I gave him, which he accepted send me but he would certainly not respond to that either. 8 months had actually passed after the time he consented to send me a refund of $750. I figure he was probably wishing I would surrender and also vanish. It went to this point, I filed a grievance with the Workplace of Lawyer Law with my problems about him.

It took around 2 years before the grievance procedure was ended. He even hired his own lawyer to represent him in my grievances. They ended up offering him a private rebuke from my grievance in exchange they had him refund me the $750 he had actually originally consented to and also he needed to attend a seminar course on Trust Account administration. His Exclusive Scolding publishing can be discovered in the November 2018 edition of the Wisconsin Lawyer Publication discovered below: His entrance states another instance, I did not understand regarding that caused one more exclusive rebuke.

This is what the exclusive reprimand states: .
” No Charge Arrangement; Failing to Hold Advanced Fees as well as Prices in Depend On; Advanced Cost Positioning Alternative; Failing to Protect Customers’ Interests.

Infractions of SCR 20:1.5 (b) (1) and also (2), previous SCR 20:1.15 (b) (4) and (b) (4m) b., SCR 20:1.16 (d), as well as SCR 20:3.4 (c).
An attorney engaged in transgression while representing 2 clients.

In one matter, the lawyer accepted an innovative cost of $3,500 in a criminal case. By failing to become part of a composed charge contract, and by transferring the advanced fee payments into the lawyer’s organisation account, the attorney went against SCR 20:1.5 (b) (1) as well as (2) and former SCR 20:1.15 (b) (4), respectively. The attorney accepted a $2,000 level cost in a relevant small insurance claims case and once again went against SCR 20:1.5 (b) (1) and (2) and also previous SCR 20:1.15 (b) (4), specifically.

The lawyer failed to return an agreed-upon reimbursement and stopped working to provide material asked for by the client, in each instance going against SCR 20:1.16 (d).

In the other issue, the lawyer approved a $15,000 level charge for depiction in criminal instances. Upon termination of depiction, the legal representative failed to supply the customer with the accountancy as well as notices needed under former SCR 20:1.15 (b) (4m) b. as well as likewise stopped working to show up at a hearing in offense of SCR 20:1.16 (d) and SCR 20:3.4 (c). The legal representative fell short to prompt return the client documents as well as to prompt reimbursement an unearned expense advance, in each instance violating SCR 20:1.16 (d).

The legal representative also approved a $3,000 level cost for depiction against a governmental firm. By having no created cost arrangement, and by transferring the level cost into a company account, the legal representative broke SCR 20:1.5 (b) (1) and (2) as well as previous SCR 20:1.15 (b) (4), respectively. The lawyer failed to down payment expense advancements into a trust fund account, breaking former SCR 20:1.15 (b) (4).

As conditions of the exclusive reprimand, the lawyer made refunds to both customers as well as participating in a trust fund account seminar.
The lawyer had no previous discipline.”.

I had actually heard from another former customer of his, who likewise filed a grievance against him with the OLR that is still continuous. That victim alleges that Paul did not appear to have actually done any type of preparations for her situation and also did not show up to her hearing up until the court ordered him ahead in. Just like my situation he apparently did not make the effort to go over exploration evidence with this person either. According to her grievance, she was rushed by Paul to accept a guilty plea yet did not intend to. This person wound up obtaining an optimal sentence of 9 months, imposed and also remained, as well as 2 months straight time before being eligible for probation then was taken prison instantly. The complaint goes on to state that while behind bars she strove to contact Paul and get him to begin the procedure to appeal her sentence but he disregarded her. Continuing on she had a relative effort to get in touch with Paul which was disregarded and afterwards had a close friend go to Paul personally as well as ask him “Hey, your client (victim’s name) needs you to submit her Notice of Intent.” where he presumably responded by howling on top of his lungs, “You are bothering me! Leave now or I will certainly call the cops!” whereupon her close friend left. Based on my experience with Paul I personally believe these allegations are true.

A typical style that I have actually noticed from the lawsuits process against him from myself and also other sufferers is that he has a tendency to utilize his health and wellness as a justification to give expansions or avoid due dates. I have actually seen him do this throughout my complaint, was told he was doing it throughout an additional complaint, as well as his ex-wife tells me he would certainly utilize health situations to stay clear of paying kid support. He may have a great deal of health issue given his obvious weight troubles and also various other health and wellness issues, he’s pointed out to me however I think he’s additionally exaggerated these problems in order to manipulate and also delay the judicial procedure versus him.

Paul is no stranger to trouble and also financial irresponsibly. I saw on Wisconsin’s CCAP website under waukesha situation number 1997PA000443PJ he had a bench warrant released on him on 10/4/2015 for his disregard to pay youngster support and was forced to pay a $5,000 purge settlement for. It was no wonder he was unable to pay me back. His ex-spouse partner alleged that was behind on his child assistance by 55k, for his handicapped son that his ex-wife attempts to look after using gofundme, and had a levy on his bank account to aid pay his child assistance financial obligations. In addition to the Waukesha eviction situation 2015SC004484 I saw while he was still handling my situations, various other Waukesha eviction situations popped up concerning him over the next couple years in instances 2016SC002326 and 2017SC002242. These eviction situations were resolved out of court as well as being no more noticeable on the CCAP website. Federal court documents show under case number 00-21418-yes he has actually filed bankrupcy before in 2/23/2000.

I had actually heard he apparently does not even trouble to pay taxes. This is affirmed by the current 7 tax obligation warrants filed versus him by the Internal Revenue Service: .

Waukesha Area Situation 2018TW000763 Dept. of Profits vs. PAUL KSICINSKI – $15,951.98 judgement.
Waukesha Area Situation 2018TW000762 Dept. of Income vs. PAUL KSICINSKI – $16,758.54 judgement.
Waukesha Region Instance 2018TW000761 Dept. of Earnings vs. PAUL KSICINSKI – $19,395.94 reasoning.
Waukesha Region Situation 2018TW000760 Dept. of Revenue vs. PAUL KSICINSKI – $17,855.60 reasoning.
Waukesha Region Situation 2018TW000758 Dept. of Earnings vs. PAUL KSICINSKI – $14,635.48 reasoning.
Waukesha County Situation 2018TW000755 Dept. of Revenue vs. PAUL KSICINSKI – $20,402.84 judgement.
Waukesha Area Case 2018TW000752 Dept. of Earnings vs. PAUL KSICINSKI – $18,852.85 judgement.

According to Wisconsin’s CCAP site he drives without automobile insurance coverage and with suspended drivers permit. He’s been offered recent tickets for this under Waukesha instance number 2018TR00281 for driving without car insurance policy and also Waukesha instance number 2018TR000282 for driving with a put on hold permit.

Extra legal action cases have actually appeared for him on the Wisconsin CCAP in the last couple of months, one wherefore appears like Anex, SC a ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Healthcare facility in Waukesha submitted versus Paul on 10/22/2018 in Waukesha Region Case 2018SC005594 for $5,631.85. One More from Cornerstone Counseling Provider, Inc likewise filed on 10/22/2018 in Waukesha County Situation 2018SC005596 versus Paul for $565.16.

His internet site ostensibly resembles he could recognize something till you investigate it a bit. He advertises himself as having a “Proven Track Record of Success-Representation in all Misdemeanors as well as Felonies” yet when you most likely to his listing of “past cases” it shows the situations that probably obtained the most media coverage however additionally shows all of these cases ended up being beat in court: .

. Milwaukee Supreme Court Appeal Number 2014AP000839 – Choice DENIED.
Milwaukee County Instance Number 2014CF000517 – Found Guilty/Pled Guilty of the felony fee.
Milwaukee Region Case Number 2019CF003517 – Found Guilty/Pled Guilty of the felony fee.
4) State v. Michael Henderson and also Olando Maclin.
Milwaukee Region Case Number 2010CF001101 – Found Guilty/Pled Guilty of the felony fee.
Milwaukee Area Instance Number 2010CF001950 – Found Guilty/Pled Guilty of the felony cost.

He made use of to advertise the “Afro CLIENTS OPTION 2014” honor for criminal protection on his website. A lawyer is provided this honor when they receive a minimum of 5 scores with 4 stars or even more within a year. Paul obtained exactly 5 reviews because 2014 year where 4 of those 5 were all within the very same day of each other as well as not a single testimonial prior to ever as well as not a single review after for the next 3 years. To me this that looks suspicious like a fake award offered from padded ratings. Because I discussed this to OLR I saw he no longer has this honor on his site.

Another accomplishment greatly advertised on his website is being “Chosen as one of the top 100 criminal defense attorney in Wisconsin for 2018 by the American Society of Legal Advocates”. goes through the option procedure for this. My suspicion is that he may have been chosen by a good friend legal representative of his and also with not a lot of details publically readily available he may have simply slid with the cracks as well as being selected by default. Because of his most recent chidings he would have had his membership revoked had he chose to join the ASLA website. I do not believe they would accept of him promoting his logo on his website.

The method I located him myself was I saw his name noted on as a verified computer criminal offense attorney only later on to figure out that he’s never had a computer system criminal activity situation in his life. I wasn’t expecting much and also was not really hesitant in my searches. I presumed that if he was not any efficient at his job he wouldn’t have the task and was just trying to find somebody with average knowledge. Since my instances finished he’s no longer noted as verified computer system criminal offense lawyer on that website.

As an ongoing process of trying to get a fair reimbursement kind him I have actually additionally filed an application for reimbursement from the Wisconsin Attorney’ Fund for Customer Protection seeing that I am no longer ready to choose just a $750 refund out of the $5,500 I’ve provided to him after what he’s put me via. I’ve observed that I’m not the first one to undergo this process with him either. Case number 17-10 from 2017 reviews: .
” 17-10 (affirmed targets names here) v/ Atty. Paul A. Ksicinski.
Date Filed: 5/11/16.
Amount Sought: $1,000.
Certificate Condition: Excellent.
Recap of Claim: Complaintant hired Ksicinski to represent her granddaughter in a separation case. A total amount of $3,000 was paid. Ms. Green did file for charge arbitration, nonetheless, Atty. Ksicinski did not respond or consent to participate in binding cost adjudication. She after that went forward with sending the request for repayment from the WLFCP. A duplicate of the fee mediation application and also document from the program planner are consisted of in the program materials. A cost contract had actually been participated in by both celebrations that consisted of the requirement of fee mediation as it was a front money. Included in the application package is a letter, dated February 9, 2016, from Ksicinski. The last sentence in the 2nd to last paragraph Ksicinski said “in an initiative to settle this disagreement I agree to refund $1,000 to as well as resolve any kind of as well as all disagreements and/or insurance claims you may have concerning my handling of this case.”.
Action: Reject [9/17/16] Factor: Fee disagreement “.

When I briefly traded messages with one of the targets concerning what occurred she informed me “Yeah, we paid him a pair thousand dollars, and he didn’t show up on my court day, as well as I needed to represent myself … he declared his tire burnt out on the highway or something. However he couldn’t let anybody recognize. He’s a scam artist alright! Sorry that happened!”. After that after asking whether he reimbursed her cash she informed me, “No, he claimed he did other stuff also that deserved the cash …”. This parallels my experience with him too.

The advice I might give on hiring legal representatives is to inspect their record on the Wisconsin CCAP web site, check their reviews, check for any type of public rebukes they might have obtained. After working with see to it there are written fee contracts as well as the money you offer to him/her is held in a depend on account and just taken when gained. Keep precise documents of as much as possible in instance you require to use it as proof later on. Acquaint yourself with the supreme court ethics policies they are intended to maintain. For wisconsin this is located at In case they aren’t not following their responsibilities you could inform them by quoting the regulations. If you feel your legal representative has actually commited honest violation(s) you can begin a complaint process against him with the Office of Laywer guideline found in your state too. For Wisconsin the application to begin a grievance can be located at Ideally these experiences assist individuals stay clear of the errors others have made from their negotiations with Paul.

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