Pete Vargas Review

Pete Vargas runs Advance Your Reach, one of the filthiest organizations in the current digital learning industry. The guy is lying to people’s faces about his courses and events but because of his successful deception, very few voice their opinions. He has filled the internet with fake reviews about his course and is using those reviews to fill his pockets. I have bought his Stage To Scale course and I gotta be honest, it was horrible.

After I took the course, I did some research on Vargas and I found out that he is nothing more than a big scammer. He isn’t what he claims he is. From fake reviews to artificial stories, his scam has done everything possible to increase the list of their victims.

Pete has become a big name in the industry. With his money and influence he is able to get rid of any negative stuff about his products.

When you search for reviews about something you expect to get honest opinions, not some paid ones, right? That’s why I’m posting my honest review on