Ricky Gutierrez Review

There are genuine money makers and then there are fake money makers. The latter category is foun the most in contemporary society for they thrive on one simple principle called motivation. They double up as motivational gurus who lure people into trading and supposedly setting the foundation for a wealthy life which they happen to showcase already with their fast cars, big houses and trendy vacations. However, there is more to this than what meets the eye. Ricky Gutierrez is one such false financial guru who has successfully managed to swindle hundreds if not thousands of people out of their money and has also managed to get them to invest in his deadly combination of money making and motivation rolled into one.

This guy has had several complaint posted against him over the years although nothing has really materialized on the authority front when it comes to taking action against him. Ricky Gutierrez continues to be at large and continues posting videos and pictures of how he has ap