Rory Vaden Review

When you meet people, and everything seems perfect with them, trust me when I say something is not right there. I have come to become acquainted with Rory Vaden, a man that most people perceive to be an absolute genius, a great speaker, and indeed a motivational shaker. That is what I thought in the first place until I got to know him, and I can tell you that every single thing you have known of Rory Vaden beforehand not a facade, not what you will expect at all.
Rory is something else entirely that made me a fool in believing in his ideas in the first place. Rory Vaden, who pretends to be who he is not living a fake life in front of the audience to make a couple of dollars and earn a reputation he does not deserve is nothing but complete slime, and I will tell you exactly why.
Who is Rory Vaden?
Rory Vaden was born in Colorado in 1982, July 26. He attended the University of Denver, where he earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously. Rory is considered a speaker,