ruined my front teeth

Dr Christ did a crown on my front tooth which I was happy with. At the time the crown was being put on he decided to modify my perfectly good looking tooth that was next to it by building material onto it and filing it down to “match the crown”.

This was done without my knowledge or agreement. My front tooth now doesn’t match and the crown is longer, my original tooth is short and fat. For this I was charged $200 and on top of that for something I didn’t ask for neither do I even like it. When I went back to him to make it look better, he didn’t want to admit he has messed up my good tooth.

I requested refund twice already and the ladies at the office said they’ll call back and no one calls me back about it. I have been waiting for their call. Now I need to find a new dentist to make my tooth look the way it used to be and spend more money for Dr Christ’s incompetent work.

I think you would do better accepting your fault and try to console the pati