SquareTrade Review

I requested a refund on two warranties I had purchased from Square Trade, per their refund policy. They refunded the warranties but the refunds were sent to a credit card I have closed out and no longer have. I contacted their customer service (located in Karachi, Pakistan I discovered) and was told a ticket would be put in to correct this and have the refund deposited into my PayPal account. I called again two days later and was told the ticket was closed because the money had been deposited into my credit card that had been closed…I can’t seem to make the people in Pakistan understand that the card they refunded the money to is closed. I asked to be transferred to the U.S. customer service line and was put on hold. After a 30 min (I timed it) wait, I was told that due to high call volume, a U.S. agent was not available and I should try back later. Several hours later, I called back, was put on hold, and was told the same thing. This is getting ridiculous. My impr