Strong Current Enterprises Limited

I took a look at their promotion online for an HDTV antenna for regional off air gain access to. I submitted to paypal to contribute to cart. I anticipated to assess the order or have a confirmation of payment before I would certainly authorize the acquisition.

I obtained none of that. Somehow, the purchase went through (two times) I received no alert of purchase, no tracking details; no interaction in all regarding the items from the supplier or PayPal. I forgot it as I had no suggestion that a purchase had gone though. One month later on I obtained a shipment for both deals completing over $200. The business has no call details on the bill of lading or on the transaction document in PayPal.

I opened a dispute in PayPal and also 2 days later the disagreement is listed as dealt with and shut. PayPal has communicated absolutely nothing regarding why it is closed. I have emailed them for followup as well as explanation. Unsure just how that will end up.

On the other hand I sit right here with 8 of these gadgets that I for which I have no usage. I will continue to approach PayPal to effect the effective resolution of this situation.

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  • peter morton says:

    Don’t buy anything from this mob

  • Mary E Tedder says:

    I sent merchandise back and have never received a refund from them. they dont give you a phone number to reach them

    • DARRELL GRIMM SR says:


      • anthony russo says:

        thanks a lot will follow up.
        iam 1 state over from n.j

      • Margaret Burchett says:


        • Dru Sears says:

          Did you get any help and money back?

      • carole furber says:

        when you phoned was your communication successful

      • Jonnie Davis says:

        Call the number and it gave options to choose from, especially the return option. As soon as I click on the # option, it went straight to the after the call survey, as though I had spoke with someone. Number is bogus!

      • LINWOOD C LEWIS says:

        Thanks so much for the number!! i got someone. She sent me a email with return instructions. Hope it works!

        • Dru Sears says:

          Don’t hold your breath I did everything I was told to do. No money PayPal claim or complaint a joke. Wrong wrong wrong

        • Sheree Slayton says:

          Can I get that number? Please

          • Casinogalb2 says:

            609 414 7087

      • That # is disconnected.

    • anthony russo says:

      what is their address???

      • I entered their name on an online scams site and they had all their info, but were unclear if they found them to be scammers or not.

        • Mary Jean Smith says:

          Were you able to get a phone number for them. Is their legal name Strong Current Enterprises? Thanks, Nancy.

      • This is the address they gave me – time will tell if they will refund the cost.

        OshenWatch LuxE returns

        PO Box 62544

        Kwun Tong Post Office

        Kowloon, Kwun Tong

        Hong Kong

    • Jonnie Davis says:

      Where did you send the merchandise back too?

  • One word of advice regarding this lot steer clear!!

  • Ron Armstrong says:

    I order this on fed 26th and haven’t heard anything or a tracking number please advise or send back my money it was 123.34 plus 19.99 if this a scam it should be looked into and taken off they airways

    • John Russo says:

      Hello Ron,
      I also purchased the TV Buddy, (3) of them , and am also thinking that I will be out of $123.34 also. I made my purchase through PayPal, and will have to wait another month before I plan to file a dispute. If anything changes, I will let you know.

      • anthony russo says:

        john, same problem with neck brace
        why is paypal paying them.send mob to
        check them out.(haha)

      • joel v wesson says:

        Sorry about the problem you’re having, but you are not alone. Same thing here.

      • TavaAndrews says:

        I read your comment and wondered how this situation was going. I also purchased My Buddy on April 28 and havent received anything or heard anything. Guess I will check with PayPal .

      • Dru Sears says:

        Lots of luck. I’m still waiting .. Filed complaint they said settled for $2.00 of a 129.99 refund owed. I think PayPal works with Strong!! Told me to talk to my bank .

    • John Peverada says:

      I had the same experience. Did you get any resolution ? I think Germfix aka Strong Current Enterprises is less than reputible

      • Bobbi Dymond says:

        I am trying to contact limited current also. They have tried twice to charge Pay Pal for over $190.00 i remember ordering UV light also. Do not remember price but it was less than $90. What were you charged and have you communicated with them?

        • I ordered one UV light aka Germfix, it was $33.94 and I am trying to contact them via their web page ( for a Refund. From what I see about them, I don’t expect a reply. This item is not even shown on their web page. I will work my way through the PayPal Dispute – Claim process and if that doesn’t resolve it, I expect my credit card company will as they have always been very responsive. But if none of this works, then bye bye PayPal.

      • anthony russo says:

        same with me!!!!!
        does anyone know where this company is located.

        • According to Dunn and Bradstreet it is located in Hong Kong.

        • 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

        • Henryk Lapinski says:

          Strong Current Enterprises Limited: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong.

          • josh stahl says:

            A REFUND FOR ORDER # 4235053051300
            TRANSACTION ID

        • 415 Hamburg Turnpike Bldg G
          Wayne, N.J. 07470

          • This is the address I sent my Blaux back to for a refund. It is a warehouse. I thought nothing of it till a message came back stating it was picked by a male at a postal facility in Wayne, NJ 07470, which may not mean anything to anyone.
            I did not see any of this when I did research on this order.

    • I have just looked into this company after not receiving my items ordered in February. I was stunned to find complaints back to DECEMBER 2018…..

      • How come PAY PAL keep paying them and not warning us re their reputation.
        But they operate under so many company names.
        We are the losers every time.
        Fraud is being committed by the supplier and PAY PAL know this by the amount of complaints they receive.

        • I was scammed by a different company. PayPal doesn’t help the buyer, just the seller. Just don’t buy from China anymore

  • Total scam! I had exactly same experience as initial complainant but for a germafix product. It is a UV light devices…supposed to kill germs.I had exactly the same thing happen to me and a payment went through Paypal without final confirmation or anything and I got no confirmation email or anything from the company. I tried through Paypal resolution centre and they won’t do anything about it.I have no goods arrive no emails no nothing and lost $210AUS or $125 USD . I was totally disgusted in PayPal..had to email them because they are not in office due to COVID and they msg me back saying it wasn’t fraudulent!!! Ive got nothing no money refund and no goods…Tell me how that isn’t fraudulent!

    • Gail Fricker says:

      Can you provide the email address you found.

      • Bobbi Dymond says:

        Did you get email address for strong current enterprise limited? I am trying to contact them also

        • Contact TVBuddy CasterBy email: [email protected] Phone: United States: +1 855 884 0385 Canada: +1 844 846 5323 United Kingdom & Ireland: +44 3308 081445 Australia & New Zealand: +61 8 7282 2000COMPANY ADDRESS:Strong Current Enterprises Limited68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

    • John Peverada says:

      I had the same experience. Did you get any resolution ? I think Germfix aka Strong Current Enterprises is less than reputible

    • That’s awful. I had similar thing happen this morning!

    • Michelle, you should call your credit card institution fraud bept. IF you have Paypal with different credit card… Happened the same to me today, wit portable AC… Paypal takes a month for dispute, but I called my cc-folks for dispute… Good luck

  • After searching with difficulty to find an email address on the net…. I emailed and promptly received an email back saying there was a delay with goods due to COVID19 so I will just have to wait and see if these goods do ever come or whether they will refund me. Hopefully it’s a happy ending either way.

    • What is their email address please? Thanks

      • Rodney Michael Tracey says:

        my wife found a transaction to paypal on her credit card transactions. it was $100 that she did not recognise.found it was to this mob. she had never ordered it let alpone receive it. paypal simply closed her complaint .did nothing. next step complaint to my mastercard re this company.

    • Do you still have the email address

    • I ordered from [email protected], according to what has popped up for me. In doing so I ran into all your complaints, so assuming this must be yet another of their companies. What they sent me will not work with my TV, but can’t get any response about sending it back. My package had a NJ address but conveniently most of that address wasn’t displayed

  • they slip in that extra 14.99 by calling it the same thing.

  • Jacob carlson says:

    My name is Jacob carlson I bought your tv buddy and it’s not what I expected and would like to return and get a refund like your add said when I purchased it money back garentee thank you very much I am going to return it to address that is listed on here thanks again

    • anthony russo says:

      Jacob send address and any info that could help us

  • Jan Zworecki says:

    Ordered TV Buddy for $58.90 on March 9th. Got an email stating to expect delays due to COVID-19 and that’s the only thing I’ve heard. Its 4/22 I lost my hope of ever receiving the product. No one to call or talk to… no tracking number. Total scam!

    • Wendy Reineck says:

      I have the same problem I ordered on March 29 it said 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. I have not heard anything yet! I am going to dispute the charge with paypal. Then if I get the item I get it but I do not wnt to be out 50.00!

      • Floyd Foust says:


      • Wilma johnson says:

        some of us are out much much more than that

  • I asked for the delivery and the tracking number from DHL had not been updated since April 2. I sent many email and asked for the delivery status but no luck. I just want my money back.

  • Bob brown says:

    Nothing more than ROKU

  • I too purchased a “Mobile Klean” sterilizer on March 22nd (I saw it advertised on their Facebook page). I received a receipt from PayPal for payment to Strong Current Enterprises Limited. I e-mailed support asking why I don’t have a receipt from them showing date of purchase, shipping address nor billing address and where is my order coming from.
    On April 4, I received an e-mail from Yuuki telling me my item will be shipped from one of their warehouses in the U.S., Netherlands or Hong Kong. That there was “not enough info to find my order” and asked me to provide “another e-mail, billing statement, order number or confirmation number; all of which I have not received from them.
    I have contacted the credit card company attached to my Pay Pal account and filed a dispute and had Strong Current Enterprise Limited blocked.

  • Steven E Cain says:

    I had the exact same experience as Michelle. Ordered a UV light product. Payment went through Paypal without final confirmation or anything and I got no confirmation email or anything from the company. I emailed [email protected] and
    [email protected] but have received no reply. I am currently trying to resolve through Paypal resolution. Total SCAM!!!

    • I think we’re all in the same predicament. I have been emailing and calling..They owe me for 2 UV lights..Nothing..Filed complaint with FTC fraud on Mobile Klean

      • I ordered 3 UV lights thru Strong Current advertised on FB and paid they PayPal on May 01. On the 4th I let PayPal know I had not received confirmation for shipping etc. on the 7th I filed a dispute and they gave vendor until 20th to reply. As of today I got a full credit back from a PayPal of $158.00. That company should be blocked off FB and PayPal. They art total SCAMMERS

  • Benjamin Lewis says:

    I ordered and paid for a Neck Relax I have never received conformation by email or received any reply to my emails .
    I have reported to the Goverment fraud office as a possible scam.
    I have also contacted my bank to this matter.

  • Hi there, saw your comment and I had similar thing happen to me this morning?? I’m baffled as my Pal Pal doesn’t let purchase go ahead until I’ve made final OK. Plus here’s the thing that was weird they wanted to charge additional $8. for lifetime guarantee, at first I went for it then tried to backtrack as I didn’t like it when I saw in small writing that if I don’t pay the additional $8. I would need to pay FULL price if I need replacement and that’s when I tried to back track then saw that my Pay Pal payment had gone through.
    Good to hear you got your goods though. What did you order?? I ordered cordless ear plugs – just 1.



  • Priscilla Bertrand says:

    I haven’t ordered from this company. I was charged on my PayPal. I’m so pissed right now.

  • I purchased via PayPal also on April
    6th nothing has arrived. If I can’t find email address for germfix/strong current I’m going to dispute via credit card company.

  • Myron Lasko says:

    WARNING I got scammed by this company. I initially paid a deposit of $20 Canadian and a subsequent payment of $213 Canadian for a thermal thermometer. It was billed through PayPal and never received. Got no resolution through PayPal either. These people are B-A-D! Do NOT deal with them.

  • Myron Lasko says:

    Because of covid virus we are almost forced into internet buying. These people are EVIL.

  • Charles Brane says:

    I Haven’t Received Anything From These People. I Ordered The PlayBeats EarBuds And Still No Reply From Paypal Of This Scammer.

  • SCAM company……phone number doesnt work on site. shipping was free but they charge my paypal $290 for shipping plus 28$ items. ripp off….shipment was snuck in on last checkout review. I didnt submit so i close the acct but they still process order. File disbute with paypal and its being review. DO NOT BUY FROM ….Strong current enterprise limited…..just the name of company sounds SCAM…….Past info to all


  • I, too, got “roped” into their great deal on a product. This being a Oshenwatch tracker.

    After receiving multiple emails stating my order did not go through, click on link to finish order, then click on link for better deals on order, etc., I was suspicious. So I checked my credit card and saw it was pending. I could not find a way to get ahold of anyone to cancel from this bogus company. So, I notified my credit card company to put a hold on the pending payment and do an investigation. That is now in process. Hopefully, it will get resolved and I will be much more careful in the future. DO NOT purchase from these scammers. During this time of Covid-19, my credit card company stated that the online scammers are in full force. Beware and stick with sites you know are reliable. “Too good to be true” applies to this group. Take care everyone and stay safe even when shopping online. Covid-19 is not the only virus to be wary of, the online virus scum are also out there.

  • Total total scam company! Do NOT buy anything from them you will never get it! File a dispute right away with PayPal or your cc company!

  • chiara cozz says:

    if you don;t get an answer from paypal got to your master card what is this company

  • Anonymous says:

    Took $$$ off my bank card thru PayPal

  • I have similar problem with Oshen watches . No receipt from the company, a text message asking if I still wanted the merchandise…I will also pursue with PayPal…

    • Me too. My Oshen watches have not arrived. Paypal states 180 days to dispute the purchase. Bought two watches, on 6/6/2020. I guess I have to wait until 180 days, 8/2020 to get this dispute resolved with Paypal, that is their policy. Closing my Paypal Account. All these practices are unacceptable and dirty. The crooks from China have no conscience. COVID19 is not the only virus from this country. Scammers!

      • Lothar Gotthardt says:

        Strong Current Footpads Unlimitedlothar

    • Correct: bought my Oshenwatches on 5/10/2020, not 6/6/2020.

  • Dana Cary says:

    This so called company just stole 144.00 from my PayPal account and they refused to stop payment or refund knowing that we are in a dispute for not sending shipment that I did order for 14.00 this whole online service is a freaking joke so don’t use don’t use strong current enterprise ????

  • Scam! Do not buy anything from this company! You will lose your money!!!!!

    • Lothar Gotthardt says:

      S !trong Current Footpads Unlimited

  • I purchased Playbeatz on Apr. 28, 2020, but so far, I have only received a receipt for my purchase. This information about the company was in the email receipt message:

    Email: [email protected]


    United States (toll free): 855 815 1539
    Canada (toll free): 844 846 3473
    United Kingdom & Ireland: 03308 081593
    Australia & New Zealand: (08) 7282 2005

  • Additional info on Playbeatz company from Dunn & Bradstreet website:
    Wan Chai Hong Kong
    Company Type: Private Limited Company Independent

    They have 9 employees.

    • Lothar Gotthardt says:

      Allesamt Strauchdiebe

  • This company stole from my PayPal account 1 for 14.00 infrared thermometer ???? last month haven’t heard from them and last night they took out 144.00 and told PayPal I obligated to that purchase ????

    • Rose Gonzalez says:

      Sounds very familiar. SCAM !

  • John C Tyler says:

    I “bought” a set of Beatz ear buds for $49.99 from this Chinese company. Didn’t know they were from China. Never got the product, but they got my money through PayPal. Filed a dispute May 17, 2020 with Paypal to get a refund.

    • TavaAndrews says:

      I to am going to file a claim against the transaction. Can you advise????

      • Raymond Fealy says:

        Read the numerous complaints about Strong Current Enterprises and the way PayPal refuse to take any action against them. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. You have lost your money like me. I am sure. Internet purchases with China or Honk Kong is now very dangerous. If PayPal gave everyone back their money lost through these scans, PayPal would go bankrupt I think. I

    • Raymond Fealy says:

      I also paid $49.99 to Strong current Enterprises and 6 weeks later have nothing sent to me. All these many complaints about them AND PAYPAL ignoring complaints and allowing them to keep trading is a huge worry. I will NEVER use Paypsl again and have cancelled my credit card details with PayPal . You should do the same.

      • Yes, cancel Paypal credit. That is what I am going to do also. My bank told me to delete the account I used to purchase these products, so the scammers cannot get anymore money from my account. Done.

  • Alice McBride says:

    I purchase the TV buddy in April still have not received it can’t get in touch with anyone about it can’t track it bad business.

    • Me also. No merchandise. No tracking. No way to get a hold of them. I am going to contact PayPal

  • I am the victim too. I ordered four Mobil Klean on 4/25 & 4/26, till now almost 1 month, I don’t have any information regarding the orders and no reply from email request. I am furious with PayPal, I chose Strong Current because PayPal offered $20.00 discount for my orders, it is a sponsorship to me, and I think it would be legit even I have not heard of this company, so, everyone, don’t trust PayPal as you think they would taking care their customers.

    • TavaAndrews says:

      So true where is the protection PayPal claims???? I will pursue this further as I also have been victim of Strong Current Enterprises and My Buddy.

    • Ruth Glatt says:

      I. totally agree with you. I’m sticking to Amazon from now on.

  • The information above is correct and there is a definite trend with this company. What bother’s me is that PayPal is aware that thousands of people are being defrauded by the company and still allows them to conduct transactions with the assistance of PayPal. I would think that knowledge of the fraudulent activities would make PayPal complicit in the acts. How can PayPal continue to earn the public’s trust when they benefit from the fraud being perpetrated? Where are the consumer protection organizations that are supposed to be representing us against organizations, including PayPal, that claim no responsibility for for the fraudulent activities of the companies that they conduct transactions for?

    • I too have just realized I am being scammed. My credit card bill came with the PayPal bill for a portable AC unit I ordered. I thought I was ordering from a reputable company but it came up Strong Current. I didn’t know that until I got the paypal confirmation. You see the same product by so many different companies. I have not gotten my order, no confirmation from them and I am not paying it. If Paypal doesn’t cooperate my Citi Card will dispute it with them. I left a message on Strong Currents Facebook page. They responded sending me their email [email protected]
      Don’t know how this will end up but DON”T BUY ANYTHING from Facebook ads. Most of them are these Chinese scam companies.

    • Ruth Glatt says:

      You’ve got that right. I am very disappointed in PayPal.

  • On 02/27/2020.I ordered TVBUDDY3 on line.Paypal Paid for it on my accont Transaction number OANO84493S67036624.It is 05/27/2020 and I have still not received my Product.

  • Rose Gonzalez says:

    The way they price things is very shady. Stay sharp when they show prices. The price is actually a “deposit” then they sock it to you when they ship the item. Charging you a ridiculous price you would have never agreed to. Paypal doesn’t have a resolution for this type of SCAM !

    • I totally agree. This is what happened to me too.

  • Sharon Malone says:

    I have to cancelled my order of a Smartwatch.I DO NOT HAVE THE FUNDS TO PAY FOR IT.

  • Lisa Gallegos says:

    I got ripped of for a uv light sanitizer 34.95 and PayPal decided in their favor i appealed and still lost.

  • michael neely says:

    I ordered the HDTV atena on April 8
    I have not receive them yet

  • I have the same experience with Strong Current, About $300. Just started working on this, but why has PayPal continued with this fraud. This is a lesson for me, doubt any success for refund from what you said. I thought PayPal better than this. Thank you, JS

    • Ruth Glatt says:

      Me too, I totally agree with with your comment. I opened a Dispute with PayPal and after 30 days got no place. and was advised to extend my dispute, which i tried to do and was unable to do in time. I’m going to report this all to my credit card Company, but think I’m probably out $119.00.

  • Muinat jimoh says:

    I never had anything to do with this company and they charge 281.93 from my PayPal account.

  • I made a purchase and have still had no communication whatsoever from this company yet the money has been taken from my account

  • Cal Bambi says:

    I have the same problem with an order for PalyBetz.
    no tracking details; No interaction at all regarding the items from the supplier or PayPal. I had no suggestion that a purchase had gone though.
    I sent 4 eMails to PlayBeatz but no replies. I phoned them twice and my calls were dumped. I contacted PayPal and was bounced from employee to employee.
    15 messages later no help from PayPal. I think PayPal and PlayBeatz are in this together.

  • Gary Wedge says:

    Need shipping info on watch purchased on May 18 thru PayPal.

  • Gary Wedge says:

    What is meant by moderation

  • Have not received my merchandise and no number to call.

  • Gilbert varner says:

    Sent an order in on may 7th..can not get any response from either strong current or paypal..thought PayPal was a safe way to handle orders..not so sure now!!!

  • James Moore says:

    Do not buy from this company.Total scammers

  • Rodney Michael Tracey says:

    had same problem with this company and same result with my complaint to paypal. company is a scam. disillusioned with paypal

  • Harold Bryars says:

    I place a order and have not received anything yet about my order

  • Erika Roth says:

    I ordered only 1 moskito killer and it came up 2x the same thing Transaction #34L55289J84911625 and
    8KB61579A6969931D please cancel both


    Returned TV Bubby for refund February 2020 still no refund trouble with contacting, now they say return I was outside the 30 day warranty, PayPal refunded postage, have not taken refund to(TVBuddy) PayPal yet but they make it so hard to contact PayPal, really don’t like my chance’s, PayPal say I have until 23rd June 20 ? wait and see

  • Michael D. Starks says:

    I ordered (4) items from Gadgets back in April. I have not yet received any of what I ordered.

  • Hazel Rogene Matson says:

    I ordered from this company on April20 and paid by PayPal and they’ve had their money since then but I’ve received nothing. I wrote them an email and it was not answered. I think they must be a big Scam.

  • geoffrey cowne says:

    I have had exactly the same experience with this company. The offer of sale for the item was placed on the REUTERS NEWS APP, which one would suppose should have been vetted by Reuters themselves.

  • Anonymous says:

    this mob have numerous complaints but pay pal do nothing about them. in my case an item ordered , playbeatz, never arrived. paypal just closed my complaint and did nothing/ looking further the company, strong current enterprises have multiple complaints but still press on . no one seems willing to do anything espec. paypal. avoid this company and any products

  • Beverly Caldwell says:

    I too have not received the items from Strong Current Enterprise. Being on a fixed income this really upset me that PayPal is allowed this company to continue to scam money using there service. definitely makes me think twice about doing business through PayPal now.

  • I ordered ONE, but somehow a second order went through. The ad offered a discount if you bought two, but I didn’t get the discount because there are two separate orders listed. Any way to get in touch with them?

  • Margaret List says:

    Well I wish to return but no address with

  • Rochelle Haun says:

    What you advertising is not the product you sent false advertising and I want my money back and don’t want this product

  • Delbert Anderson says:

    I Delbert Anderson accidently did an transaction for three watches through paypal i do not want three watches so please cancel that order.

  • Philip Harris says:

    dear seller,could you please send me a returns address to send back a tv buddy back to you thanks mr p r harris.i await your return e mail

  • Charlie Pickering says:

    I too ordered a product from this Scammer and never received a confirmation except that Paypal paid them with no proof of an order for Playbeatz ear buds. No help just run around from Paypal as well. Need to close my account with Paypal now. Suggest everyone that reads this do the same.

    • Ruth Glatt says:

      I have had the same experience, with Strong Current Enterprises. I’m out $119.00. and got no help from PayPal, even though i opened a dispute wih them. I’m through with both Companies

  • Rolf Reiser says:

    I had ordered 2 OshenWatches on May 8, 2020 and I’m still waiting. No confirmation …no service.

    • Ruth Glatt says:

      I’ve had the same experience

  • Liz spink says:

    This is a BAD company they took £144.89 from my pay pal order. They don’t reply rip off

  • Neckrelax is a terrible product no service purchase three one for a friend. All three worked for a few hours and killed the batteries. Would not recommend this company or product to anyone.

  • Adrienne Albera says:

    I saw an advertisement for the Neck Relax Massager and thought it would be a nice gift for Father’s Day. I ordered 2 for $144.90. I erroneously ordered the two twice. I immediately tried to cancel the order but PayPal would not allow me to do so. They said I had to receive them and then return them. I received the items (4) but now I am trying to return two of them but have gotten NOWHERE with the company, Strong Current Enterprises Limited, or PayPal. I tried an email from the company but it bounces back with no response. I do not want to just send them back without knowing I will receive a refund. Lesson learned: BUYERS BE WARE OF INTERNET POP-UPS. RESEARCH THE COMPANY YOU ARE BUYING FROM. DO NOT BUY FROM COMPANIES LOCATED IN CHINA!!!!

  • pierre boismenu says:

    Well I really not sure that Pay Pall can do anything good when a problem happen. They refer you to deal with the company they make the payment. They told me that they can not stop a payment.

  • I ordered an Oshen smart watch June 12, 2020….I’m still waiting and never received any follow-up emails, TRACKING… NOTHING! I emailed the company today and still haven’t received a response. Another company I emailed today around the same time, reached out right away! I am about to report this company and demand a refund!

    • Ruth Glatt says:

      I also ordered an Oshen Smart watch, ( in May )and have never received it. I can’t get hold of the Company, l opened a dispute with PayPal and that was of no help.

  • I ordered 3 Blaux portable air conditioners from this co. on June 24 and was alarmed reading all the neg. comments today. I called 1-606-414-7087 listed on this site and spoke to Amaka who found my name, order no. and address. She assured me that these items are back ordered but will be coming by the end of July. I will wait until then before contacting either paypal or amex. I will give them a chance in view of the current covid crisis. I hope my patience will be rewarded.

    • Hi Joe, I too have ordered 3 portable a/c’s from Blaux, but my PayPal account statement shows a charge by Strong Currents Enterprises Ltd. I thought I was dealing with Blaux which was listed as a U.S. Company. I have not received my portable A/C units yet! It has been exactly a month now!! ☹☹

    • Cancel the order immediately.
      I got the product after over a month’s wait.
      It’s junk – just a toy swamp cooler akin to a mini fan for a child to play with. The water feature on top does nothing except good for putting aromatic oil in it & for LED light effect.
      The product is grossly misrepresented.

      You can’t get refund bc they never reply to email. The HK business address listed is definitely not legit so you have no address to return to either.

      You start to investigate the Co. and examine their literature only after you got scammed only to find it is full of holes – no legit business address, no legit phone number/s, no procedures listed for refund, email is for show they won’t reply.
      BTW notice email address ends with “.com” (USA base) whereas business address in HK should bear email ending with “.com.HK”

      Alarm markers:

      1. Notice the email address is always named after the product eg. [email protected] (if you ordered blaux), if you ordered oshenwatch, the support email will be [email protected].

      2. Phone numbers for different continents are listed allegedly for support purposes but numbers are bogus.

      3. The business address (presumably HQs) for blaux is listed in HK but NOTE no phone number is listed for this one.

      4. “strong current enterprise Ltd’ it comes up in LINKEDIN as a “management consultant co” in the USA.

      From comments here it’s apparent “strong current” used multiple HK address (typical scammer style)

      These scammers are literate professionals who can write up fake products literature & fake co. profile lending a false credibility on appearance that fooled people.

      Sadly, I suspect people will only chance upon this webpage too late (in retrospect) after they realized they were fleeced out of pocket.

      I am pissed I fall prey to scammers.
      Contacted credit card co. & they said I must take it up with merchant even though I informed them merchant is scammer.

  • Same with me, shame on paypal for allowing this to happen.

  • Ruth Glatt says:

    I opened a dispute with PayPal con ening Strong Current Enterprises. i paid $119.00 through PayPal, for a Watch I never received. Although i started a dispute wirh payPal nothing was happened after 30 days. I tried to extend the dispute, but was not able. I still have not received a product from them, cannot contact Strong Current Enterprises and am out $119.00. I’m very unhappy with payPal and their lack of help.. Warning Don’t Buy from Strong Current Enterprises Limited

  • Ordered an oshen smartwatch thought paypal to this scamer can’t believe paypal does business with strong current enterprises. Paypal just gives you the run around

  • william osborne says:

    I purchased a TV Buddy from this company, it did not work, I raised a dispute with PayPal who after a while closed the dispute on the grounds that I had received the goods?what sort of solution was that, I am now £59 GBP out of pocket and lay the blame with PayPal for their unfair way of settling a problem, they should do the right thing and reimburse me

  • Same thing happened to me. No items. Paypal closed case with no explanation and I’m out $307.00.

  • Samuel Stimmel says:

    I ordered 3 a/cs. Ended up being charged twice at $213 each time! No resolution yet!

  • Johnny Shaw says:

    I placed my orders June 11,2020 and I did not receive my orders

    • As did I (Burlington Ontario card charged 11Jun2020 and Nothing)
      So, in other words, we just got smoked and are sitting here sweating to death for Nothing ???)

  • The Pye Family says:

    We ordered and received a TVBuddy but impossible to use THEN impossible to get any information from them.

  • James Noia says:

    I just had exactly the same experience down to the letter.

    No way to contact them and Paypal is not helping.

  • Jewel L Seifert says:

    I ordered an item through Strong and waited…No phone number to contact them about when it will be arriving!

    • Strong Current Enterprises Limited
      (855) 409-6703
      8901 E Pima Rd Center Pkwy Ste 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

      Strong Current Enterprises Limited
      (609) 414-7087
      PO Box 4701
Pacoima, CA 91333-4100

      Strong Current Enterprises Limited
      (201) 563-3003
      13266 Byrd Dr STE 573
Odessa, FL 33556-5319

      Swell eComm Enterprises LLC
      (609) 256-4523
      300 Delaware Ave Ste 210A
Wilmington, DE 19801-6601

      Swell eComm Enterprises LLC
      (609) 256-4523
      13507 Van Nuys Blvd # 4900
Pacoima, CA 91333-7001

      Strong Current Enterprises Limited
      (855) 815-1539
      13507 Van Nuys Blvd
Pacoima, CA 91333-7001

      Sounds like something the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Should be involved in!
      The BBB are aware of it!
      How about WARNING OF IT??!!
      The internet is like this:
      1. Main Internet is .gov
      2. It branches off to other ones like A) .com “sales or advertising” B) .org “different organizations C) .”email
      3. Explanation of the internet. Internet – worldwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol (IP). It is a “network of networks” that consists of millions of interconnected smaller domestic, academic, business, and government networks, which together carry various information and services, such as electronic mail, online chat, file transfer, and the interlinked Web pages and other documents of the World Wide Web.
      4. Every server or supplier of internet service has an IP Address. Why do I say this?? Think about it…if you want to know where you get a message from you can “ping” it. That’s what most of your Security Software use! They use those IP Addresses to Identify “Questionable Servers” Known to be BAD!
      5. Money Transfers can’t be done over the internet without having an Identifiable IP address! The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices. It is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, telephony, and file sharing.
      6. SO…..Why can’t the Banks do something about it???????

      Additional Information:
      11/2018: Due to a high inquiry volume and high complaint volume, BBB has learned that Swell eComm Enterprises is linked to multiple online retailers and various “DBAs”. The phone numbers listed are all interconnected in addition to shared terms and conditions which lists Swell eComm as the parent company. They also appear to list the address of 300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 201A, Wilmington DE. This is the location of a registered agent only, and not a physical location for the business or its principals. BBB has reached out to the company for a detailed explanation but to date, has not received a response.
Some of the names/addresses we’ve found include, but are not limited to:
      Swell eComm Enterprises LLC
Product Source LLC
Strong Current Enterprises Limited
      Business Address:300 Delaware Ave Ste 210A
      Wilmington, DE 19801 

      Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten,
      The Netherlands

  • Bob Weisbrod says:

    I too have ordered from them with no email or communication from seller. I’ve tried to open a dispute with pay pal and got nowhere. So now I’m contacting my card holder to file a dispute.

  • Id: 7LA58891W57823327 says:

    Did not receive my item using PayPal

  • I posted this was a scam before but I ended up getting what I bought. However it came very, very late. Not a scam but horrible delivery time.

  • patty beardsley says:

    I never recieved my order and am having a nightmare getting my refund!

  • Frank Plozza says:

    I agree with the above comment as I got no tracking details and they took my money US $350 for 2 x smart watches. I have been scammed I feel.

  • Robert Lee says:

    Money gone but receive no products ???

    • Paulle MILNER says:

      Yes i have lost my money too can not believe that paypal allowed it to go through with all the negative reports that have been forwarded thought they tracked all the merchants and approve them

    • Same here. i paid my credit card and am still waiting. A scam ?????

  • Paulle MILNER says:

    I have the same problem and have raised a complaint with paypal and now feel i have lost my money i have requested a refund and not wanting to move forward with the purchase hope i get it now

  • Contact Blaux By Email: [email protected] By Phone: Northern America (a (toll free): 844 846 5344 United Kingdom & Ireland: 03308 082207 Australia & New Zealand: (08) 7282 2012 COMPANY ADDRESS: Strong Current Enterprises Limited 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

    This company is a scam!!!
    They took out the payment from my account and then sent me an email stating that the purchase was not complete and supplied a link to complete the purchase.

    I looked up the address of the company and found that it billed customers twice!!

    Also, I tried to cancel the purchase minutes after I ordered but couldn’t get customer service to answer – I was put on hold for 30 minutes to each of the three numbers provided.

    I called my credit card company and found that the company’s number is 344 1 778 3000 08 but when I called I found it’s a wrong number!!!

    This company is a fraud!!!!


  • I too have had and are having problems with this group. Advise all to not deal with them

  • Randall MM says:

    Strong Current Enterprises charged my PayPal a monthly fee of $98.67. Fortunately I was looking over my account today and found it!!! PayPal immediately stopped payment for monthly fees, but I was charged already for a month. I have no idea what I bought, when I bought it. No receipt on line. PayPal had no info for me. Guess I’m out that money, I sure won’t buy things off FB anymore. Lesson learned.

  • Strong Current Enterprises Limited
    NeckRelax defective!

    Seller sent me an Incomplete Return Address. USPO denied shipping because there was no postal code! My case was denied because I had no tracking number. Product was shipped within USA, yet I have to return to China at my cost of $27 for an item that came to me defective? This case needs to re-opened! There is no options in Resolution Center to clear this up. I call PayPal phone number only to be told to go to Resolution Center. This is insane and very frustrating! Sent this message multiple time with an error stating something went wrong on our end try again!!!!! More than 20 times. Seems Strong Current a scam and PayPal complicit? Normally PayPal wonderful! I just don’t understand!

    • I believe our best bet is to stop using pay pal . If they,PP, are going to do business w disreputible people, then we need to ,as consumers, smarten up and stop using THEM!

  • I feel your pain as I was conned into buying an oshenwatch. IInstructions were vague. I contacted overseas address “customer support” HAHA. So I am awaiting a return label. I am also looking out my window waiting to see flying pigs.

  • I had an Email saying my package was shipped on July 16th i have a tracking number but no place to send it. How do i track it?

  • Strong Current Enterprises or – I purchased one of these watches on June 9th 2020. Today is July 27th 2020 and no product delivered. I have phoned and emailed over and over again and you cannot make contact with anyone and no-one responds to your email. This is a big time scam with really rotten people who are hurting e-commerce in the USA and Canada. I will never make online purchases again from a company I don’t know full well. Lesson learned.

  • Call this number (609) 414-7087 if you need to return to Strong Current. I googled the number and there is actually a return address in NJ to return products.

    • Dru Sears says:

      That’s probably PayPal. I returned my items registered mail 6-20-20 still waiting for full refund made complaint to PayPal A JOKE.

  • I purchased a pair of quietbuds fro Strong Current Enterprises. They were faulty and I had to raise a dispute with Paypal in order to get anywhere. I was told I would have to bear the cost of sending the faulty product back to china. What a nightmare. Do not purchase this product and do not purchase it from Strong Current Enterprises.

    • Dru Sears says:

      Lots of luck getting your money back. Makes me think paypal works with them.

  • Dru Sears says:

    Lots of luck with Strong or PayPal. They owe me a refund of 129.99 settled without my approval for $2.00. No way to call or talk to a person.
    Trying to work with my credit union now. Can’t refile a complaint or claim!!!

    So angry!!!!

  • They are thief’s stole $200.00 never send my product God will punish them and their errs

  • Ashamed of myself for falling for a scam says:

    Oh brother, I hated to read this. I paid for a blaux little portable ac. It has never arrived. The phone numbers listed are not working correctly, the chat does not have anyone on the other end. I have lost 90.00. I am going to have to go to Paypal and open a dispute.

  • Do not order from this company. Ordered a persona ac unit. AFTER you order they tell you to allow 30 days. After 40 days item not received. I opened a Paypal dispute. Company blamed the pandemic and postal companies. Requested more time. I requested a refund thru PayPal. Shipping and item cost both refunded. Again do Not order from them.

  • I ordered the BuzzBGone for mosquitoes. I tried it for two nights and it didn’t work. I found a message link for Strong Current Enterprises so I sent a message and said I wanted to use my 30 day guarantee return and I received a reply a few hours later. We corresponded back and forth a few times and I was given a return address of:
    BuzzBGone Returns
    415 Hamburg Tpke, Bldg G
    Wayne, NJ 07470
    United States

    After reading some of these comments above I’m sort of afraid to return the stuff because I don’t know if I will get a refund after I return it.

  • Judith Hill says:

    Your experience with this Co mirrors mine. What you have written is fundamentally the same as I wrote. Happily my dispute was resolved by PayPal

  • Darlene Thompson says:

    Do not buy from this company. They do not send you your product. Take your money.

    • Darlene they did send me a UV Trap after a 2 week wait, but the product is not working, it does not catch mosquitos its just a glorified night light. I did send it back to the to Wayne NJ and the package arrived, still they did not refund me.

  • Does anybody know they real email & phone address, CEO name of this company based on Hong Kong I will send through them some person to made a “visit”. Any details with address including home address, name of persons in charge, contact details of affiliate company and person are welcome. THEY must be stopped from scam other people. It is so easy to stop them. So put your effort and let’s search who are they. I’m waiting your feedback.

  • These people are outright crooks. I purchased the mosquitos UV Trap for 39.99. The damn thing does not work, it did not catch any mosquitos. Their support is non-existent, this merchant is a consumer’s nightmare. I returned their item 10 days ago, still no refund.
    We shoul d report them to BBB and warn others not to buy anything from them.

  • Yes it is. Based on the user review published on, it is strongly advised to avoid Strong Current Enterprises Limited in any dealing and transaction.
    Not really. In spite of the review published here, there has been no response from Strong Current Enterprises Limited. Lack of accountability is a major factor in determining trust.
    Because unlike, other websites get paid to remove negative reviews and replace them with fake positive ones.
    Strong Current Enterprises Limited is rated 1 out of 5 based on the reviews submitted by our users and is marked as POOR.
    Never trust websites which offer a shady ‘advocacy package’ to businesses. Search for relevant reviews on Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer to see more unbiased reviews.
    The above review and comments against Strong Current Enterprises Limited were submitted by user(s) and have been published as-is. does not edit, alter or remove content published by it’s users. There’s no amount of money a business can pay to manipulate their reviews or complaints and will NOT entertain any request to remove the review on Strong Current Enterprises Limited at any cost whatsoever.
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