TD Access and Parking, LLC

TD Access and Parking, LLC, Dalibor Vujica TD Access Beware of TD Access Dal Vujica he will rip you off and not pay you back Charlotte North Carolina!!. Dal Vujica is a Croatian refugee that is the owner of TD Access and Parking. He set up his business for security access products in Charlotte NC after stealing the customers from Carolina Times, his prior employer, that sued him for business interference. He portrays to sell and service Doorking and Liftmaster security access products for security gates along with cameras. His scheme is to tell you your access control system is broken and was installed wrong. Once in the door he sells you new security access products and labor at an inflated price. After the order is placed he switches to used broken equipment bought on eBay instead of supplying new equipment and installs old equipment that fails constantly. Once it fails he charges a labor rate of 700% higher than the industry standard. He also does not pay his sub