The Girl and The Water

The Girl and The Water the water False Advertising, terrible Customer Service Vernon california!!. I really don’t like leaving bad reviews… but I had such a bad experience with The Girl & The Water that is still on going. … It all started when I saved up my hard earned $200 and went on line in search of a bikini for my upcoming vacay. I saved up for a while to shop for a new bikini! I was SO EXCITED when I finally found the bikini I wanted and placed my order and I immediately noticed I had the wrong shipping address in there. I emailed them within in seconds, I called and left a voicemail but there is actually no real customer service phone number to call. I waited a few days and still never heard anything but then I received the “your item has shipped email”, I eventually did get and email and a phone call back as an apology but my bikini did go to the wrong address. TG&TW claims to have called me back