Top View Roofing Review

My name is Xavier own a very small call center in guatema central america Darby Kyle hired my services ..i greed to have 8 telemarketings representatives dialing home owners in oklahoma city usa ..he agreed to pay me by hour $6.00 per hour per agent 40 hours a week to dial and offer free roof inspection he did pay me 3 months no problem then he told me he cant pay me for two weeks he advised me he will pay me the full month we worked for him a full month and he didnt pay me i called and wrote e.mails trying to collect the money and he never answer me back its very sab becasue this agents have little kids that because he didnt pay us they have not food on them table one of the agents had a kid under medicine and becasue he didnt pay the agent couldnt purchase the medicine for the baby and she die we all worked for him for free … Darby its nothing but a lier and scammer he hired small call centers in central america he offer to pay $6.00 per hour but he only pay the first mon