Tophatter Review

Online marketing and shopping have been in the market amphitheater since 1994; when the first ‘secure’ retail transaction was made by NetMarket. Since then; Amazon, eBay, etc. developed into the major stakeholders of the online marketing sphere with access to the majority of the items and commodities to the public. With these major collaborators of the online market, there have been augmentations of certain websites that deal in similar domains. These markets either sell a range of products while some focus on a limited range available to the customer to ensure a ‘reliable’ and ‘commendable’ online services to the community. Out of all these generally mentioned websites; Tophatter has been an acclaimed name in the US markets. Tophatter at first was a very rigorous website dealing in jewelry items which were then expanded to electronics, home appliances, and fashion products along with their jewelry packages. It never took long for realizing the bogus system of Tophatter and